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HCVA investigates sustainable fuels

The Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance is setting out to demystify the sustainable fuels market in the UK with the launch of a new star-based fuel sustainability rating system. Announced by board member Guy Lachlan at the first HCVA Heritage Matters insights day in October, the system will scrutinise the claims and processes involved in the manufacture of synthetic fuels that have been marketed as sustainable in the UK.

During his talk at the trade organisation’s first seminar, Lachlan said caution should be exercised with the claims made by some of the manufacturers: ‘We have to manage the confusion in the marketplace, and the various claims of sustainability that are being made. So we’ve decided to launch our transparent, open- source sustainability rating for sustainable liquid fuels. It will help inform the industry and users about what it is they’re buying.’

As the chemistry and technology behind synthetic fuels are still in their infancy, there’s a lot of work to do when it comes to understanding the green credentials of these fuels. He continued: ‘In time it will become obvious what the answer is. At the moment, though, it’s not clear. There are competing claims being made, there are different methods being used, and there are different price points for the products that exist. It’s impossible for the average car user to make any educated decision about what it is they’re being invited to spend £5, £6 or £7 a litre on. It’s important that we address that.’

The HCVA work will begin this month, starting with questionnaires being sent to manufacturers, and the first results are expected to be published before the end of the year. While the HCVA hopes that manufacturers will all co-operate with the HCVA, it also has an independent verification body on board for any that do not wish to engage. While the basic 1-5 star ratings will be made available to the public, members of the HCVA will be able to gain access to a more detailed breakdown of the scores.

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