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New Targa restomod Porsche 964 from Theon

Theon, one of an ever-increasing number of players in the restomod Porsche 964 market, has revealed its latest commission, its first Targa. Costing a cool £415k (£15,000 more than Theon’s coupé version and excluding donor car, shipping and local taxes), it uses a 911 (964) Carrera 2 donor and the Oxfordshire company says it showcases its ‘OEM-grade design and engineering expertise’.

To produce the high-power, relatively lightweight (1228kg) car, codenamed  GBR003, Theon uses carbonfibre chassis strengthening system to offer coupé-like stiffness and, with a lightweight carbon body – only the doors are steel, for side impact protection. As a result the GBR003 is good for over 400bhp at 7100rpm (328bhp per ton, like a 991 GT3) from its 4-litre air-cooled flat-six driving through a six-speed manual ’box. Braking is by 993 RS brakes and it also used five-stage adaptive TracTive dampers.

It is finished in a one-off Pastel blue over liquorice leather and Theon has even revised the famous Targa roof.

Theon co-Founder Adam Hawley said: ‘With our first Targa commission, the whole Theon team has been determined to set new standards for an air-cooled open-top Porsche 911 driving experience. We’ve been totally focused on honouring and distilling the air-cooled recipe, forensically honing every element to create a rewarding, analogue classic 911 that combines the sensory richness of Targa motoring with razor-sharp handling and visceral modern performance.’

Hawley added: ‘The prospect of open-top motoring has always been tantalising, but the dynamic reality often underwhelms. With this car, thanks to the innovative carbon-strengthening floor we’ve developed using F1-derived carbon technology, we’ve really taken things to the next level. You get the best of both worlds.

‘Everyone who’s driven the Targa during our exhaustive development process has been bowled over by the results; it delivers the rigidity and handling precision of a coupe, but with the added sensory rush of a convertible.

‘It’s driving in technicolour: you’re totally engaged by the analogue driving experience and more aware of your surroundings too. Of course, you also get to hear much more of the addictive flat-six howl! As a team, we’re exceptionally proud of the results, and the customer is delighted, too.’

Build time is 18 months.

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