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Chantilly Arts and Elegance

Date 12 – 15 September 2024

Early September is a good time for a concours; the temperature and the light are just right for a classic car tour, a picnic, a garden party and for coming to see a world-class selection of the greatest cars ever made from the finest collectors and most ardent enthusiasts. And the days are still long enough to take it all in.

Chantilly Arts and Elegance is never just about the metal, nor exclusively about one period of automotive history. It’s an event for connoisseurs and aesthetes of all kinds, encompassing the sum of the passions – the Arts de Vivre – that drive us to build such awe-inspiring machines, to paint, draw, design clothes and to harvest and taste the fruits of the world – to experience and celebrate the best we have to offer.

A manifestation of those qualities in itself, the Chateau of Chantilly, its dramatically rococo stables, and its grounds provide a fitting counterpoint and platform to bring all these things together, to see and to sample all these delights. 

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